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Chanel face mask

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Mask inspired by Coco Chanel is made from Chanel inspired fabric with white Camellia flower attached on and it is removable easy before wash.

Mask is made from 3 layers, one is Pellon 460 FIlTER and 3 the layer is 100 % organic cotton.

Medical soft round elastic with adjustable length give you extra confirm around earrs.


Simple material may be best. Canadian government guidelines say reusable cloth masks should be made of at least two layers of tightly-woven fabric, such as cotton or linen. In a new study published by the American Chemical Society researchers from the University of Chicago tested the filtration efficiencies of

common fabrics, including cotton, silk, and polyester-spandex chiffon Using a fan blowing aerosol particles at typical resting breathing rate, the

scientists measured the number and size of particles in the air before and after it passed through each mask. Those made with a combination of fabrics - one tightly woven cotton sheet with two layers of chiffon (90 per cent polyester and 10 per cent spandex) filtered out 80 to 99 per cent of aerosol particles, making them nearly as effective as an N95 mask.