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White Pearls COCO

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Coco Gabriel style necklace, white pearls CC

White glass pearls necklace, long necklaces, wedding jewelry, 

Chanel necklace our version, white glass pearls necklace, designer long necklaces with CC English letters connectors,2 inches in size. 

A classy and stylish necklace, best quality glass pearls ever.

Necklace circumstance measures 22inches and will fit any outfit and color. The necklace is really something in today's Fashion worlds . With this piece of jewelry, you will show your exquisite sense for serious Fashions style.

Chanel inspired necklace has two brand name logos, made from enamel alloy metal excellent quality.

The necklace will come to you in the luxury white box, ready to be gifted or enjoy it yourself for a long period of time. 

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